Frequently asked questions

1. Difference between free vs paid subscription

When you create a free subscription with Sitexploration, you will after the trial period automatically become a regular paying user. But while you are a free user you have access to everything in Sitexploration including monitors etc.

2. Difference between registered user vs paying user

When you have cancelled your subscription, you will be downgraded to a registered user, this means you have no access to you monitors and the system will pay no attention to those. This means you will have no privileges in the system, but you will be able to do search queries. Though, the result will be extremely limited. We save your user account for ever, and you can reactivate your account at any time. If you do that you will not get the free trial again :)

3. What is high value link

Sitexploration looks for links that sends the most link juice, and reports them in the best possible way. That is also why we have the page rank information on pages and domains where it benefits you as a link builder the most. The high value links are the most important for your link building strategy, but low value links can be shown as well.

4. Why does SX not show all links

When we crawl the web Sitexploration takes each link under monitoring, and seeks for the high value links first. This way you will get the most important links shown first. Sitexploration also distinguish between domains and sub-domains, which mean you will get different results for and, but you can combine them in one monitor for your seo efforts. You should monitor both to get the full picture. Sitexploration is also a real-time service, and the system is very good at knowing when links have been lost or new links have been created. Therefore, you might not get the same amount of links as other services.

5. Google updates and clever usages of Sitexploration

Every time Google do an algorithmic update is always about patters – Otherwise it can’t scale in there infrastructure – like anchor texts etc.
Use a real backlinktool to get you this FRESH information. Watch out for tools that do NOT maintain/deletes in there backlink index because they will send you chasing ghosts! – Alternately you can import all the backlink report from other tools through our API and let our system maintain everything regarding the freshness.

Why(?!?), Google has more crawlers and indexing process power than all the tools in the world have access to.